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MM – GmbH offers you all services regarding the subject security for persons and events. For us Security Management means the support of security-related projects from beginning to end and concerning all questions.
Our security management develops for every client individual security concepts that are adapted to the special requirements of the client. By means of cross linking of individual services we reach synergetic effects and therefore can offer our clients an optimum cost-performance ratio.

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Security is a permanent process that has to be managed actively.
Our security management is a combination of analysis, evaluation, conceptions of measures, operational realization, and steady control. Central part of our security management is an individually developed security concept. Here are described all relevant framework requirements, the defined security goals, as well as the measures to reach these goals.
Thus, the security concept is the basis for planning and carrying out individual security measures in order to attain a high level of security and to minimize the risks.

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Professional private, civilian personal security, all the more on an international level, is an especially difficult and complicated task. As a body guard for years with the Federal Criminal Agency and as providers of such services we know these activities with their many facets and parts very closely. Unfortunately some trainers, providers and also biased media reports about „Body Guards“ with only the objective of dramatic effects have presented the very responsible profession of body guards in the wrong light.
It is our concern to counteract this undesirable development by means of information about the real world of high-level personal security and to provide potential clients and customers for such mandates with competent indications to make their decisions.
One could call a body guard in the broadest sense a professional preventer of crises, a crisis manager, and a crisis intervention officer in one person. In order to attain this goal he/she does not preferentially rely on strength, close combat, or weapons – he/she uses resources of detailed and long-sighted planning and minds a disciplined realization of a security concept within a functioning organization. In doing so, he/she prevents the development of crisis situations by using intelligent measures. And at the same time he/she will train and prepare individual action plans in order to be equipped for the different crisis situations that are possible.

In order to provide skilled training for body guards and personal security officers they orientate themselves on official services, in Germany e.g. Federal Criminal Agency, internationally e.g. Secret Service or SAS, and their respective trainers and contents.
A vocational training in regular professions in Germany at minimum lasts 2 years. Anybody who is interested in working as a security attendant, or a provider who passed a course of 1, 2 or also 4 weeks, should consider that no serious job can be learned in only a few weeks. This should also be an important intellectual approach on part of our clients.

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Each event is an exciting highlight. Here the general rule is: The bigger the event, the bigger the risk. All the more important is a smooth flow of an event. Such a smooth flow has an immense effect on the success, the guests´/visitors´ satisfaction, and the image of the organizer.
In precise laws and regulations it is determined that everything must be done that is necessary and reasonable to protect life and limb of guests and visitors, as well as to prevent damage to objects.
Our security management helps and assists you to make your event successful.

  • Security guards – and security services
  • Access controls
  • Stage and backstage protection
  • Accreditation and identification management
  • Fire protection
  • Person and luggage control incl. technique

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Many airports offer special supports to their guests and air passengers.
We gladly take over organization / booking for you.
This service contains – according to airport – the following:

  • Exclusive right of way for VIPs
  • Check-in and handling of baggage
  • Our own security check, passport control, and customs
  • Limousine transfer from/to airplane

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